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A Loudoun County, Virginia based company




Please call 703-431-7938


James Hodges 


Check out Mobile Bike Repair at


Competitive pricing provided on all work.


All bicycles need periodic maintenance.


Schedule a house call for bike repairs.  Leave a message if I am unable to answer.


Same day service means no downtime without your bicycle.


Mobile Bike Repair will come to your house or other location to service your bicycles.

Maintenance contracts are available!


Credit cards are accepted.


All work is done on site.

Racer pushing over Rainy Pass through the Alaskan Range during the 2013 Invitational Iditarod Trail Race 350 miles to McGrath or 1000 miles to Nome

Start of Tour Divide in Banff, Alberta.  Timing until each racer reaches Mexico.  The route follows the Rocky Mountains.  My best time is 23 days. 

Racers ride day and night.

Clark, CO near Steamboat Springs

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