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A Loudoun County, Virginia based company




Please call 703-431-7938


James Hodges 


Check out Mobile Bike Repair at


Competitive pricing provided on all work.


All bicycles need periodic maintenance.


Schedule a house call for bike repairs.  Leave a message if I am unable to answer.


Same day service means no downtime without your bicycle.


Mobile Bike Repair will come to your house or other location to service your bicycles.

Maintenance contracts are available!


Credit cards are accepted.


All work is done on site.

Services Offered


Mobile Bike Repair

James Hodges


House  call visit $15.00 - $25.00

Popular Service

                Tune Ups                                                             $65.00 plus parts

                                Adjust brakes (add $10.00 cables and housing if needed)

                                Adjust derailleurs (add $10.00 cables and housing if needed)

                                Safety check

        Adjust hubs

                                Adjust headset

                                True wheels

                                Clean bike (add $5.00 for detailed)

                                Clean drive train

                                Check chain for wear

                                Lube chain         

                                Lube pivot points

                                Air tires


Additional Services

                Maintenance contracts

                Bicycle fittings (more efficient and comfortable ride)

                Bikepacking/touring consultation

                Guided wine tours in NVA wine country




 Prices are maybe suggect to change.



A La Carte Labor Prices (parts additional)


                True without spoke replacement                   $15.00

                True with spoke replacement                        $20.00

                Flat repair including tube                                 $10.00

                Adjust hub                                                      $10.00


                Adjust                                                           $15.00

                Adjust with cable/housing                            $20.00

                Install brake pads                                        $15.00

                Hydraulic bleed                                            $20.00


                Adjust                                                         $15.00

                Adjust with cable/housing replace              $20.00

                Rear derailleur hanger adjustment              $20.00

                Install and adjust                                         $20.00


                Install                                                         $15.00

                Lube                                                           $5.00

                Check for wear                                            n/c


                Adjust                                                          $10.00

                Overhaul                                                      $30.00


                Adjust                                                          $2.00

                Wrap tape                                                    $10.00

               Bottom Bracket

                Adjust                                                          $15.00

                Clean chain rings                                          $15.00

                Overhaul                                                      $25.00


                Clean                                                           $15.00

                Install or remove                                          $10.00


                Install                                                           $5.00


                Install computer                                            $10.00

                Install kickstand                                            $5.00



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